Where Potency meets Purity

Discover the essence of holistic beauty with Tozad, an Superfoods inspired Ayurvedic skincare revelation that converges nature’s quintessential elements – ‘Terra’ (Earth), ‘Oasis’ (Water), ‘Zenith’ (Fire), ‘Aira’ (Air), and ‘Divina’ (Ether).

Born from the potency of Superfoods, depth of Ayurvedic wisdom and anchored in the enduring foundation of these elemental forces, Tozad epitomizes harmony and equilibrium in modern skincare.

Tozad is a harmonious symphony, blending ancient holistic healing practices, potency of superfoods and advanced scientific innovation to craft skincare solutions that resonate deeply with nature’s wisdom.

How it All Started

At Tozad Beauty, our story is one of resilience, determination, and the transformative power of nature. It began when I came to USA as a 19 year old student for my studies and started facing severe cystic acne. After three years of trying ineffective and costly treatments, I turned to my heritage, embracing Ayurvedic practices and superfoods. This blend of ancient wisdom and modern science led to solutions with remarkable results not just in my skin's health but overall mental and physical health. Our products combine Ayurvedic secrets, nourishing superfoods, and scientifically-proven formulations to offer hope and transformation for radiant, healthy skin.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to make healthy skin a trend again by bringing Ayurvedic wisdom of self-care to the mainstream. Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old science, offers solutions to many health problems but requires consistency, patience, and dedication to see results. There are no overnight miracles for healthy skin and body; it comes with persistence. As yoga and meditation gain popularity, Ayurveda thrives. We enhance this ancient wisdom with superfoods and clinically tested actives to create powerful and effective skincare solutions. Ayurveda is all about balance, and we are dedicated to integrating this holistic approach into modern skincare.

  • Goals

    We are dedicated to empowering hardworking women, fostering real, healthy, and radiant skin they can genuinely be proud of. Our focus is distinct from the artificial representations showcased in media and advertising. We aspire to guide young girls towards nurturing their skin healthfully, steering away from harsh products that compromise the skin’s natural defenses. Our goal is to instill confidence and strength in individuals through their own skin journey.

  • Values

    Committed to ethical sourcing, we prioritize fair trade, clean, and sustainable raw materials. Our dedication extends to eco-friendly packaging, ensuring recyclability to support our collective responsibility toward the environment. Our manufacturer is ISO and GMP certified and we are a proud cruelty free brand.

  • Guava

  • Aloe Vera

  • Kokum Butter

  • Calendula

  • Moringa

  • Bakuchiol

Ingredients We Hate

At Tozad Beauty, we champion the belief that skincare reflects the nourishment we provide our bodies. Just as we carefully select wholesome ingredients for our meals, we extend the same level of care to our skin. With unwavering dedication, each ingredient in our products is meticulously chosen and thoughtfully integrated.

Our pride stems from upholding integrity, affordability, and authentic results while prioritizing your well-being. Our steadfast commitment to clean beauty means we adamantly reject harmful substances in our formulations.

Explore our unwavering standards through this list, showcasing the ingredients we steadfastly renounce in our products. Our promise of integrity, affordability, and real results remains uncompromised. Clean beauty is our pledge, ensuring harmful ingredients never find their way into our formulations.